Adult Play Day
Sunday, Nov. 13th, 2022
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Well... there was a mix of cold clouds and beautiful sunshine at the MMR Play Day today!
It was a great day with some fun games and trail ride!
Wendy recited a cowboy poem for us at lunch. It was good!
Big thank you to George Nass and Cindy Love for opening their ranch to us!
Also big thank you to the man of many hats, Adrian Wolf for being the MC, judge, whiffle ball getter, horse holder, photographer and camp cook!
Thanks to ALL of the members who came out to ride!

Trail Ride, Boogity Bingo & Halloween Costume Contest
New Trail Report
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October 30, 2022


 The trail ride on October 30th at Long’s Mariposa Ranch was a huge success. The weather was mild and a perfect day for a trail ride and social outing. We had twenty two riders, and fifteen non-riders who came to enjoy the festivities after the ride.

There was a Halloween costume contest, line dancing with UPS Sue and company, lunch, and a Boogity Boogity Bingo game. Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us, and to our hard working Board who organized our second ride of the year.

Gwen Nita and I are looking for more interested trail riders and horses to join our Trail Committee. We are in need of more experienced out riders if we are going to continue our trail rides.

Our membership is growing, so we are expecting more riders in the future, and will need more than just the two of us to plan safe enjoyable rides.

If you are a current MMR member and are interested in joining the Trail Committee, please contact me at 209-966-3095 or e-mail at [email protected] We will expect you to join us on our pre-rides as well as ride on the day of the event.

***A NOTE ON FUTURE RIDES – Please plan to show up early in order to be ready to leave at the appointed time. We will not wait for late comers!

Our Lunch & Learn with Dr. Jay Mero on October 8th was also very well attended. This didn’t include a trail ride, but the turnout was good.

The lunch was exceptional, and it was good to have this social event to reconnect with other members. Dr. Jay gave an informative talk on injuries that can happen out on the trail and how to handle them.

 Thank you to our President Carla Kelly who hosted this event, our board members, and to Dr. Jay for taking the time to give us her presentation. We hope to offer more of these events in the future.

Until next time – HAPPY TRAILS!

-Wendy Brown, Trail Boss

***We're including here two lists of things to take with you when you are out on the trail


 Water     hoof pick     electrolyte paste
vet wrap roll    gauze roll   

Feed (if out all day)    rope    hoof boot    zip ties
shoe laces    Leatherman tool



BANDAGE MATERIAL including:  pad for wound   roll gauze   

thick pillow wrap    vet wrap roll

Elasticon    duct tape    gauze     4x4s   

Sterile saline solution (or clean bottled water)

Neosporin    NSAIDs    Benadryl   

Hose (or syringe) in case of snake bite    Electrolytes